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Officially founded in 1965 with 41 students, Hannover Medical University (known as MHH for short) is today one of the best medical schools in Germany in terms of its position in medical research. The school, which is famous for being extremely research-oriented, is “Germany’s only medical university” with only medical programs, which I know and follow well because my son is studying here.

Its hospital, which serves 200.000 patients a year with its 1500 bed capacity, is ranked as the 5th best hospital in Germany and the 40th best hospital in the world in the reports published by Newsweek magazine every year. I already mentioned in my article about Hannover that the entire region is home to a large health sector. It can be said that the hospital stands out especially with its research in the field of “Regenerative Medicine” (Stem cell treatments) and Hearing Medicine.


Although it is very popular in Germany and the university is a young university, it ranked 405th worldwide in the US News website’s evaluation. In the evaluation, the school was ranked in the top 100 in the world, especially in the fields of gastroenterology, cardiovascular diseases and oncology.

The school is located in the east of Hanover, but not far from the center. You can be in the center in 20 minutes with the tram line that runs in front of it. The hospital is very big and the educational buildings are located in this complex. My wife and I were really tired when we visited the school but we liked it a lot.

The school applies a curriculum that can be defined as a model course in medical education. In this program, which the school calls “HannibaL”, students are exposed to real patients in the clinic from the very first week. Moreover, our son participated in workshops such as suturing and bloodletting during the orientation week organized for foreign students a week before the classes started.

hannover tıp fakültesi Almanayanın en iyi 5. Dünyanın 40. hastanesi seçilmiş
MHH campus

As I write this, I have to say that I found the school’s approach to its students extraordinary. Our son was very happy with the activities organized by the student union (Asta) for foreign students, excursions and collective meals. The approach and helpfulness of the upperclassmen, the extremely good attitude of the faculty members and various NGOs (e.g. the Chamber of Medicine) made the children feel valued. I don’t know if other schools in Germany also treat new students in such a hospitable manner, but I can tell you that this is the level of attention given to prospective students (customers) at our foundation universities during the introduction days.

I think our son liked the school more when he was pampered like this. In fact, although he was accepted from many well-known medical faculties in Germany such as Heidelberg (Mannheim), Freiburg, Frankfurt, Essen, Giessen, he preferred Hannover, saying that small cities were not for me. I guess he liked the school and the environment and he did not leave it behind.

How many points do you need for admission to a medical program in Hannover?

Although Hannover Medical School is young for Germany, it is one of the most popular schools in the state of Lower Saxony. Since the school has a relatively high quota (17 foreign students are admitted every year) and there are no country quotas, the chances may be a little higher for those who want to go from Turkey.

When I say that the chances may be high, I can say that in order to get this chance, you will need to have a minimum NC score of 1.2, at worst 1.3, and you will need to take the TestAS exam and get a minimum score of 122 to 127 out of 130 in the “Mathematik, Informatik und Naturwissenschaften” test (if your NC grade is 1.3, you must definitely get 127). The values I have given here reflect my personal experience and predictions. Otherwise, there is no obstacle for application.

Before the pandemic, MHH used to rank the applications according to the average of your NC score and TestAS score and call around 50 candidates with the highest score for a face-to-face interview. Due to the pandemic, they have not been conducting interviews since 2020. However, you can still check on the school’s website or write to the school and ask. As you know, restrictions can sometimes cause problems in traveling back and forth.

The interview (if conducted) affects the acceptance by 50%. During the interview you will basically be asked about your motivation to study medicine and your sincerity will be tested. Studying medicine in Germany is quite difficult and the cost of education is high for the school, so they are very scrutinizing. I think I will write a separate article about interviews when I have time.

Hannover Medical School Application

MHH undergraduate applications are made through UniAssist. You must submit the following language certificate proofs in the direct application for undergraduate programs.

DSH : German language test for university entrance (level 2)

TestDaF : (Level 4 in at least four areas)


If your knowledge of German is not sufficient, you should also apply to the preparatory school via UniAssist. However, you must present a certificate at level B2 at the time of enrollment. In addition, you must have taken the TestAS exam and scored well in the module section in order to be admitted.

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