Studyıng ın Germany

My Personal Research and Experıences

About Me

I define myself as a person who loves travelling, tasting and researching. I can say that my curiosity in science and research since my childhood was further ignited during my student years in different cities due to my family’s work. My relationships with different cultures and people have increased my curiosity even more. I have been living in Istanbul since 1986, when I started my education in Control and Computer Engineering at Technical University of Istanbul.

After a while, researching on unpopular or little-known topics became a hobby. I think the internet revolution and the ease of access to information pushed me to do deeper research. After I got married and had a son, I think these studies changed direction, if not form.

My Family

My son’s determination to become a medical doctor since middle school and his education at the Austrian High School led me to take a special interest in medical education in Europe, especially in German-speaking countries. For this purpose, the research I started years ago and our trips to many cities in Germany increased our knowledge. After my son was accepted from many German universities and decided on Hannover Medical University, I decided to publish a blog where I share this knowledge. You can find my articles on undergraduate and graduate education for foreign students in Germany on these pages.

Are you done? I continue my research and will continue to share as long as my health and time allow. I maintain my belief that knowledge will increase as it is shared. I expect feedback from everyone who reads these pages. If you want to write about your experiences on this subject, my door is always open, you can publish your articles in any way you want. Let me know if there are any specific issues you would like me to address.

My best compliments.
Recep DAYI