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List of the Best Universities to Study Informatics in Germany 2022

There is something I would like to draw your attention to here. “Best university” is a somewhat subjective concept. There are of course some criteria that everyone agrees on, but it is important where you look at the subject. If you look at the school from outside Germany, the list of best universities may be different, if you are an employer within Germany, the list of best universities may be different. If you intend to continue your career in Germany or if you find their evaluations more meaningful (which I do), take a look at the list below. 

” This list may not be the most up-to-date list. You can find the most up-to-date list here “

The most preferred universities in Germany for employers in the field of IT

International rankings of schools, which you can find with a little research on the internet, are not very meaningful for employers as they are based on academic outputs. These rankings emphasize the quality of academic staff rather than the quality of education. Employers, on the other hand, create their own rankings based on the feedback they receive from previous graduates and the performance of their employees. Below is the result of an annual survey of German employers: The universities that German employers consider the best in IT: 

The best informatics education according to German employers is at the Technical University of Berlin (Wiwo – 2022)

I have already written that one of the most popular informatics programs in Germany is Business Informatics. (See “Studying Computer Science (Informatics) in Germany“) Here is a list of the best schools in this field according to employers:

The best school for business informatics was TUM – Technical University of Munich (Wiwo – 2022)

The most preferred fachhochschulen in the IT field by employers in Germany

In addition to universities in Germany, I have already mentioned the so-called “Universities of Applied Sciences” (Fachhochschule), whose curricula are more focused on practice. Those who have not read my articles “What is a Fachhochschule?” and “University or Technical University or Fachhochschule?” can read them. Since these schools maintain close cooperation with industrial organizations and business circles during their education, their graduates are more preferred than some university graduates. 

Most preferred Fachhochschule in the field of Informatics (Wiwo – 2022)
The most preferred Fachhochschule for business informatics

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