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Technical University of Dortmund

Since its founding in 1968, the Technical University of Dortmund has gained a special profile with 16 faculties in the fields of natural and engineering sciences, social sciences and cultural studies. The university has about 34,500 students and about 6,300 employees, including 300 professors. The range of courses includes around 80 programs. TU Dortmund University is particularly well positioned in four profile areas: (1) materials science, production engineering and logistics, (2) chemical biology, active substances and process engineering, (3) data analysis, modeling and simulation, and (4) educational sciences. In an international comparison, the TU Dortmund also ranks in the 401-500 range.

Since 1984, the Technical University of Dortmund (TU) has connected the north and south campuses with the “Monoray” system, formerly known as the “H-Bahn,” the world’s first driverless train. An interesting fact: Unusually for technical universities in Germany, the proportion of female students is 46 percent, almost as high as the proportion of male students. Of course, this ratio is very low in some technical fields (11.7% in mechanical engineering). 

Computer science, economics and education are among the largest fields of study at TU Dortmund. About 20% of all TU students study in these programs. The TU is also home to the largest training center for architects and urban planners in Europe.

TU Dortmund H-Bahn


Date of foundation1968
Total Number of Students34.310
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)299,22 €
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking

Technical University of Dortmund Applications

The Technical University of Dortmund receives applications for its Bachelor’s degree programs via Uni-assist (see Applying to Uni-Assist). The HZB is required and (see What is the HZB?) Proof of German language skills at least at level C1 is required for the undergraduate programs. You can use the following certificates

TestDaF total at least 16 points

DSD-II – Level C1

Goethe C2 Certificate

Telc C1 Hochschule” certificate.

If your German is not good enough, you have the chance to be admitted to the “Preparatory School” after your HZB check. The university does not have its own language school, you have to complete the preparatory school in private courses and apply again.

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