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Bielefeld University is a new university founded only in 1969. Its founders wanted to implement the unity between research and teaching in the Humboldtian sense: “the boundaries between the various departments and disciplines must be broken down”. Initially the university focused on social sciences, but now it also has a very good reputation in law and biology. Bielefeld University is particularly active in research and has an international reputation for this. They prove this with six joint research centers and seven graduate colleges. There are many collaborations with foreign universities. Meanwhile, the Interdisciplinary Research Center has become a model for similar institutions in Germany. The university is ranked among the top 10 universities in Germany, 158th in the world university rankings in 2021 and 20th in the ranking of young universities.

The most special thing about the university is the unique university building. Almost all faculties and institutions are gathered under one roof. The heart of the university is the great hall that runs through the whole building. There is everything a student needs here. From the post office to the travel agency to the job exchange, everything is located in the university. Inside it resembles an airport terminal building or a shopping mall. After a long day in the library, students hang out in one of the cafés or bistros. The “Westend” also offers a wide variety of meals outside cafeteria hours. There are also sports facilities nearby, such as tennis courts or an indoor swimming pool. The Teutoburg Forest recreation area is just behind the university.

Bielefeld University Great Hall

Currently, the University of Bielefeld is home to more than 25,000 students in 115 different degree courses and around 2,750 staff members. It is therefore considered a medium-sized university in Germany. The university is also focused on strengthening its network of relationships with international partners and as part of this goal, they are trying to create a recruitment strategy for international students coming to the university. Around 2000 international students are therefore studying in a degree program at the University of Bielefeld.

In line with the university’s founding philosophy, the “Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF)” is very famous, where specific faculties of the university collaborate to carry out research activities. The research programs include “The Globalizing World” (which brings together the humanities and social sciences to work on specific topics of common interest, such as the complexity of human interaction). Techno-Social World (This research program brings together individuals from different fields of study, such as computer science, biology, psychology, sports science, linguistics, etc.). Its goal is to better understand humans, animals and artificial systems that behave independently in complex environments and to reveal how they interact with each other).

There are also three strategic research areas that cover every faculty at Beilefeld University and on which the entire university research activity is based: Analyzing Data, Building Models, Building Theories. The research program is intended to provide basic guidance for every research activity at Beilefeld University.

Beilefeld is a quality university, especially for students who want to develop their research skills, as demonstrated by its many awards in the Exzellente Lehre (Excellent Teaching) competition organized by the Standing Conference of German Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK).


Date of foundation1969
Total Number of Students25.896
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)304,90 €
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking

Bielefeld University Applications

Bielefeld University is accepting applications via Uni-assist (see Application to Uni-Assist). Classically, it requires language proof of at least C1 level. However, if you do not have language proficiency, it offers the option of enrolling in a preparatory school for 1 semester. However, in order to pass a C1 level exam in 1 semester, you need to be at least B1 or better B2 level. Therefore, you should start learning German now. You can check here for details.

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