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In my article about Bonn, I mentioned that we went to the campus in the city center (when I say city center, don’t overestimate it, most of the cities in Germany are not bigger than the average cities in your country and you can reach everywhere in a very short time). The campus building, which was also used as the parliament building for many years, also houses the administrative offices of the university and has become the symbol of the university.

In the first round of the “Excellence Initiative” (you will hear this term often – a program of financial support for excellence in education in designated disciplines at Germany’s leading universities), the university has launched the “Bonn Institute of Economics” and the “Mathematics: Fundamentals, Models, Applications”. It is also ranked among the world’s top 50 universities in these subjects.  

Bonn Üniversitesi ana kampüs binası
Bonn Uni

Founded 200 years ago, the University of Bonn is recognized as one of the most important institutions of higher education not only in Germany, but also in Europe as a whole, and is highly regarded. It has 7 faculties with many institutes, departments and clinics and around 38,000 students.

The university has been home to many Nobel Prize-winning researches and prides itself on this at every opportunity. The University of Bonn has a tuition fee of 260 euros per semester, but public transportation throughout the state is free with your university ID. Germany has an extensive network of railways, so it’s easy to commute almost anywhere on weekends.

The university offers free German classes for international students, but it is difficult to find a place due to limited places. In some departments there are no compulsory courses and you are free to choose what you want from a large number of courses. (I’m lying to others) All departments have different libraries, so you can go to any library and study. Even the libraries have a nice look with group discussion rooms, computers, small cafeteria etc.

Endenicher Allee Library

The University of Bonn sports club charges a funny fee of 5 Euros for the whole semester and has almost all sports facilities (Sportangebot – Uni Bonn). In addition, for those who are considering a master’s degree; “you can live in Bonn even if you don’t speak a word of German”. People are very helpful and most of them speak English (maybe thanks to the United Nations Office). 


Date of foundation1818
Total Number of Students38.329
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)297,82 €   
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking

Bonn University Applications

The University of Bonn asks you to apply directly to them. You must have the HZB qualification (see What is HZB?). Regarding language proficiency, you must present a minimum of B2 at the time of application and take a DSH exam before enrollment. You are only exempt from the exam if you can obtain the following certificates by the registration deadline.

Goethe C1 Certificate

“Telc C1 Hochschule” certificate

TestDaF level 4444 (see About German Language Certificates)

Bonn University application dates:

Winter period June 1 – July 15

Summer semester December 1 – January 15

The university offers a preparatory course but places are limited in number. There is an admission procedure as there are constantly more applications than places available. The DSH preparatory course usually lasts one to two semesters and you are considered a registered student for the duration of the preparatory course.

To apply for admission, the following requirements must be met:

You must have a university entrance qualification (HZB) for your desired course at the University of Bonn.

You must be able to prove that you have at least B1 level German. These are:

Goethe B1 certificate (at least 75% in the overall result) or higher

telc B1 certificate (at least 75% in the overall result) or higher

TestDaF certification with TDN3 in at least one sub-field

Certificates must not be older than two years.

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