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Darmstadt, the “City of Science”, is one of Germany’s most attractive cities. Located just south of Frankfurt (half an hour by car, 20 minutes by train), it is home to numerous research institutes that have produced many renowned scientists. Located in the southern part of the state of Hesse, Darmstadt is also considered the center of the “Art Nouveau” movement and attracts both art lovers and theater enthusiasts.

Darmstadt is more of a university town than an industrial city. In addition to education and research, the city has plenty of green spaces where you can relax and unwind. Darmstadt residents are particularly proud of Mathildenhöhe, the artists’ colony founded more than 100 years ago. The “Hochzeitsturm”, or “wedding tower”, and the workshops of the great artists create a very special atmosphere next to the Russian Chapel. From here, you can enjoy wonderful views of the city center and have the chance to explore a number of protected buildings.

Wedding Tower and Russian Chapel – Darmstadt

Darmstadt and the economic region of Southern Hesse offer good opportunities for students to gain practical experience. Both part-time student jobs at one of the many small software companies and internships at giant corporations such as T-Online, Merck, Wella or Software AG enable ambitious students to deepen their university knowledge in practice. Those interested in research will find in Darmstadt various institutes of the Fraunhofer Society, ESOC (European space surveillance center) and the Society for Heavy Ion Research (GSI). The proximity to Frankfurt and the university’s good connections in the Rhine-Main region offer opportunities for a fast start to your career.


Darmstadt may be a center of technology, but it also has a lot to offer people interested in culture. Since the city is considered the center of Art Nouveau, it also attracts people who come here as tourists. In the summer, the city impresses with the Darmstadt Residence Festival. A visit to Mathildenhöhe is a must for any newcomer to Darmstadt because of its impressive architecture and beautiful views. You can also admire Art Nouveau art in the many galleries and exhibition halls. The Hessian State Museum is also a popular destination for art lovers. The cultural evening program consists mainly of the State Theater or the area around the Central Station – admission is free for students of the University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University.

Darmstadt – Hundertwasser

Darmstadt is a student town with 4 university campuses and more than 45.000 students (one out of every three people is a student). Add to this the fact that a big city like Frankfurt is so close and we can say that the cost of living is quite high. As I always say, rent prices will be the most important criterion for you since your most basic expenditure will be rent. In my searches in Darmstadt, I can say that a one bedroom apartment in the city center will cost around 550 – 600 Euros. Cheaper rents can be found in rural areas outside the city, but then you will have to drive. The Student Union runs 10 dormitory complexes with 2600 beds. With so many students, it is very difficult to find a place (there will be long waiting times). 

Studierendenwerk Dormitories


City Population 159.207
Number of Students46.163
Student/resident ratio% 29
Number of beds provided by Studierendenwerk2.600
Rents for accommodation provided by Studierendenwerk205-588 €
Source – CHE Ranking

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