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Home to Germany’s oldest university, Heidelberg is a very typical German city. Maybe that’s why it is a very popular place especially for American and Japanese tourists. There are so many tourists and local businesses have made so many changes for the tourists that the locals are worried that the city is being lost.

Germany’s most famous student city

Heiderberg is one of the most famous student cities in the country, home to more than 34,000 students. One out of every 5 people on the street is a student. However, most of the students are said to come from the surrounding areas. The practical reflection of this situation is that students go home to their families on weekends and the city is described as boring (I’m not saying that, the students say that).

The city is actually a very beautiful city, the old buildings have been preserved because Germany was hardly bombed during World War II. Famous for its castle and university, the city is quite hilly. You will either go up or down hills while visiting the old town. Although there are many entertainment venues, they are not very suitable for students (after all, budgets are limited). There are so many tourists on weekdays and weekends that you are sure to be “the backdrop for many memorable photos during the rush for classes between faculties”.

Heidelberg University is famous for its medical school

The university, which is identified with the city, is famous for its Faculty of Medicine (one of the most recognized medical schools in the world. You can find my articles about the school here). As such, there are many health-related investments and companies in the surrounding area. The “German Cancer Research Center” is also here. Everything is good so far, but since Heidelberg is in the state of Baden Württemberg, it is necessary to remind that foreign students are charged 1500 Euros per semester.

Heidelberg kampüs bit pazarı - Marstallhof'ta kuruluyor. Cumartesi günleri öğrenciler ücretsiz olarak sergi açıyorlar ve ihtiyaç dışı ürünlerini satıyorlar.
The Heidelberg campus flea market takes place at the Marstallhof. On Saturdays, students exhibit and sell their non-essentials for free.


Heidelberg is a small student city and at the beginning of each semester students are in a rush to find accommodation. But it’s not only the lack of housing that makes it difficult to find an apartment here, but also the very high rental costs. It’s not impossible to move into your own apartment in the student quarter of the old town, but the prices are steep. If you want to live independently, 1 bedroom apartments start at 750 Euros. Shared apartments make more sense in popular neighborhoods, but you will need to be ready for competition as demand is high. You can live relatively cheaply in the mostly furnished student dormitories spread all over the city. If you intend to study here, get in touch with the student union immediately. (See Studierendenwerk Dormitories)

Weststadt can be reasonable

Weststadt is a popular neighborhood for students and young workers, but you have a better chance of finding an apartment (regardless of prices, just more choice). The area is not far from the old town, close to the train station, and has good public transportation connections to get to the old town or the university quickly.

Bismarckplatz - Heidelberg'de hemen her toplu ulaşım aracının geçtiği bir meydan. Aktarma yapmak için sıkça kullanacağınız kesin.
Bismarckplatz – A square where almost every public transportation in Heidelberg passes. You will definitely use it often to transfer.

Check the WG-gesucht website for shared rooms, but there are also private dorms in Heidelberg. I share the addresses of a few of them below.


Campus Viva

Campus Garden


City Population 160.355
Number of Students34.442
Student/resident ratio% 21,5
Number of beds provided by Studierendenwerk5.410
Rents for accommodation provided by Studierendenwerk165-363 €     
Source – CHE Ranking

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