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Germany’s Richest and Most Expensive City

Munich is one of the first cities you think of when you think of Germany. Located in the south of Germany and north of Italy, this Bavarian capital is one of the richest and most expensive cities in Germany and even Europe. Its world-famous soccer team has contributed to the city’s global reputation. The state of Bavaria is rich in general, but according to the people of Munich, “there is no alternative to Munich”. This statement may sound a bit arrogant. However, if you live there, you may agree with this comment, which you will get used to in a short time.

Before talking about Munich, I think it’s worth mentioning the state of Bavaria, where the inhabitants are not only rich but also dislike other Germans (similarly, North Germans hate everything about Munich). In fact, they don’t even identify themselves as Germans. If you ask a person on the street, it is very likely that they would describe themselves as “Bayerisch” (Bavarian), not German, and the region as “Bayern”, not Germany. In fact, the language they speak is “bayerisch”. The state has its own political parties and they get more votes than any other federal political party.

The locals are a bit more conservative than other Germans.

You may have met many people who say that Bavarians are cold and rude people. In fact, Germans in general are like this, but the fact that Bavaria is a more traditional region with its own rules may make it stand out a bit more. It would not be wrong to say that all these negative aspects are actually due to the cultural and language differences with foreigners. I think it is normal for people to be a bit prejudiced towards people from different cultures who speak a language they do not understand. The situation is the same for you in Germany as it is for Syrian, Afghan or African immigrants in our country. However, after living for a while and speaking German well, it is possible that the situation will gradually change in the opposite direction. However, if you are not proficient in the language, you are likely to be subjected to bad looks and behavior in the beginning. In addition to these generalizations, I must say that I have read very bad reviews from almost all foreigners of different nationalities who have lived in Munich for a long time and from German students from other parts of Germany.

Münih Noel zamanı ayrı bir güzelliğe bürünüyor.
Munich Christmas Market is a beautiful place (you have to coincide your visit)

City and Schools

Let’s talk about the city; Munich is a very modern and beautiful city. I must say that public transportation is very good. The diversity of universities in Munich alone is enough to attract students here. Almost all foreign students know about the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) and the Technical University (TUM). 

Less well known are the University of Television and Film, the University of Music and Theater, the University of Politics, the Academy of Fine Arts, the University of Philosophy, the Catholic Foundation Technical School and the Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences just outside the city. There are also private universities such as the U5 Academy, one of Germany’s top creative schools; the Bavarian Advertising and Marketing Academy; and the Munich Business School.

Although Munich is touted as the beer capital of Germany (the famous beer festival “Octoberfest” is held in this city), I don’t think so. The beer “Märzen”, which is specially brewed during Octoberfest, is good but expensive. But outside the festival you can only find Helles (light/pale beer), A weissbier (white/wheat beer) or dunkelbier (dark/malt beer) in pubs. That’s why I don’t think the beer capital label is accurate. However, the food culture is developed and restaurants from almost every country serving international cuisine are abundant but expensive.

LIFE IN Munich

Many of my son’s friends have studied in Munich, so I know a lot about the quality of education and student life in the city. Although the universities have high quotas, their popularity makes it difficult to get admission from these schools. According to the German university system, it has become commonplace to teach in lecture halls with 500-600 students in departments with no admission restrictions. As such, it is up to your talent to stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that the schools are difficult but provide good education.

LMU dünyanın en tanınmış üniversitelerinde biridir.
Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU), a world-renowned school

Accommodation and rent in Munich

Munich’s climate is rainy and cold, and the snowfall can be quite heavy in winter, but public transportation has a wide network and runs smoothly. The most important problem you will encounter here is accommodation. I have already mentioned that Munich is expensive, but housing prices are at a different level. Students have a lot of trouble finding a place to stay. Not only for foreign students but even for German students from other cities, rents are incredibly high. I know from my research that the Munich housing market can compete with Zurich (Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in the world).

Studentenwerk provides accommodation for 10,000 students for an average of 300 Euros, but due to the large student population the waiting time is 2 years on average. You can apply for a dormitory from the link below, but it is worth remembering that some dormitories are quite far from the center.

Rents are incredibly expensive

Although rental prices drop as you move away from the city center, you can find an apartment suitable for one person for 700-750 Euros, even if you are willing to travel 45-50 minutes. In the city center, these figures rise above 1000 Euros. As a student, your best alternative abroad is WG (shared apartments). If you can find two or three people to share the house with, you can stay close to the city center for around 400-500 Euros. There are also private dormitories such as FIZZ, Campus Viva, which I have already linked to in a few other cities, but you should consider 1000 Euros for a single room.

Please Note !!! Be suspicious of commission-free apartments, photos that look like hotel rooms and utopian low rent prices: they are often fake.  You should also always be suspicious of landlords who are supposedly based abroad and demand money before you even see the apartment.

Despite all this, over time, you will learn how to live well and cheaply. Eating in Mensa is one of them. For those on a tight budget and spending conscious, discos and pubs offer free drinks on some days of the week. Bars near universities offer unlimited food menus for students. In addition, there are always opportunities in Munich for students who want to work and average earnings in Munich are high. Students receive a standard wage of 8 to 10 euros for 1 hour of work.


City Population 1,484,226
Number of Students113,185
Student/resident ratio% 7.6
Number of beds provided by Studierendenwerk10,036
Rents for accommodation provided by Studierendenwerk196-474 € 
Source – CHE Ranking

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