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I have already written about the difficulties of studying medicine in Germany. You can find the article here. The Model course (Modellstudiengang), a new program aimed at reducing the boring environment and stress of classical medical education (Regelstudiengang), is becoming an increasingly popular type of medical course.  The model course was introduced at the University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany’s first private medical school) in the 1980s.

It is a program that aims to bring students into early contact with patients (in my son’s school they started from the first week), to learn in the hospital and to provide students with practical skills early on. In model courses, in the first semester students go to the hospital once a week to learn the first basic methods of examining patients, or in some schools they are already trained in the hospital (e.g. MHH).

Curriculum in medical education in Germany

In the standard course, students learn basic courses such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Physiology during the first two years. In the model course, students receive short-term training in patient examination methods in each medical branch as well as applied anatomy courses. In short, while the model course is more practice-oriented, intensive knowledge-oriented studies are carried out in the standard course. However, at the end of 5 years, before the start of the practical period, students have to take a nationwide central exam regardless of which model they have studied in.

Almanyada tıp okumak istediğinizde  Klasik tıp  (Regelstudiengang ) yada Model kurs (Modellstudiengang) arasındaki farkları bilmelisiniz.
Unlike in many other countries, medical education in Germany is based on a very modern curriculum.

Both the standard course and the model course have their advantages and disadvantages, of course. In the end, it depends on the individual and their expectations. Some schools define their own models and give them different names (e.g. the “HannibaL” program at MHH). Some schools are attempting to implement programs that are a combination of both courses (the University of Bochum has announced such a program and called it “Reformstudiengang“).  Although there are some differences, I have tried to list below the main differences and similarities between the standard course and the model course.

ExaminationsMany examsLess exams
ExpertiseExpertise in more subjectsExpertise in fewer topics
Student Stress LevelVery highRelatively low
Patient ContactNot until the 5th semesterStarts from 1st semester
Transfer ApplicantsEasierNot possible (transition from model course to classical system is not possible)
Finishing on timeOften extended due to mid-term examsFinishing school on time is more common
State Examination (a centralized exam is taken at the end of the 2nd and 5th year of medical education in Germany, and success in this exam is required for continuing education)two exams must be takenOnly the second exam is taken.

Comparison of German medical education curricula

Ultimately, it is your choice whether to apply to a university that offers a model course or a standard course. But most of the time the main priority is to get accepted, no matter which one. If you expect movement and a people-oriented approach at the beginning of your studies, the model course will appeal to you more. Since my son decided to study medicine, he felt more successful in “touching people” and “dialog”, so his whole goal was “Modellstudiengang“. He finally achieved his goal. I wish with all my heart that young people who want to study medicine can also get an acceptance from a place according to their hearts.

Which universities offer the “Modellstudiengang“?

Berlin ( Charite )
Brandenburg (özel )
Frankfurt a.M
Witten / Herdecke (private)

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