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Germany’s most famous technical university. It is the school that everyone is dying to get into, but the real challenge starts after admission. As a student profile, it is certain that you will encounter people from all over the world, from different cultures, with different perspectives but definitely very intelligent people.

TUM is one of the most difficult schools in Germany

School is notoriously difficult. It is inevitable that you will be intimidated from the very first day. There will always be too much to do and too little time to do it in. Homework will be challenging and exams will be like a guillotine hanging over your head. But learning to deal with it will make you more efficient and effective. Maybe that’s why employers put the school at the top of their list of favorite graduates. (See: Germany’s 17 best universities 2023)

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All faculties at TUM are interested in the latest and top-notch research and research findings are often discussed in lectures. This way, you will be informed about the latest and newest findings in your field and be aware of the newest trends. Students are also encouraged to take courses that interest them outside their program. The school also cooperates closely with Munich’s other major university, Ludwig-Maximilians University (see LMU).

In such a research-intensive school, it may not be possible to exchange information with professors outside the classroom. However, the high quality of the courses and the content is confirmed by the quality of the graduates. The school’s reputation for difficulty ensures that employers trust TUM graduates with the most demanding jobs.

TUM will humble you.

If you manage to get into TUM, you are probably one of the smartest students from your previous high school or university. So you might be bringing a lot of ego with you. But as soon as you enter TUM, you will realize that most of the people around you are much smarter than you are. This will inevitably humble you. 

Nevertheless, you have to survive this daunting educational battle at TUM, and that means getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. Here you will realize that your real limits and your perceived limits are not actually the same. I would want to study there just to have this priceless experience.

Linked to famous names

Originally a technical college in Ingolstadt, it was founded in 1868 by King Ludwig II as the independent “Munich Polytechnic School” in Munich. Since the academic year 1877/78, the school has been officially called the Technical University of Munich. It is the only technical university in the state of Bavaria. Many distinguished professors who have made their mark in the history of technology with their research and teaching achievements have worked at the Technical University of Munich, and many important scientists and engineers have come out of it. 

Names like Karl Max von Bauernfeind, Rudolf Diesel, Claude Dornier, Ernst Otto Fischer, August Föppl, Robert Huber, Carl von Linde, Heinz Maier-Leibnitz, Rudolf Mößbauer, Wilhelm Messerschmitt, Wilhelm Nusselt, Hans Piloty, Friedrich von Thiersch, Franz Soxhlet, Heinrich Wieland are very closely linked to TUM.

Some Campuses are located outside the city

The main campus of the Technical University of Munich is located right in the center of the city, right next to Königsplatz, but the university’s modern campuses are on the outskirts of the city. However, it takes around half an hour to reach the city center. You should research which campus your chosen department is located on. This is important because this is where you will spend most of your time, and it is also important to look for accommodation. I have already mentioned that Munich is an expensive city (read also my article Studying in Munich). Therefore, you need to plan well. 


Date of foundation1868
Total Number of Students44.281
Semester student contribution 147,00 €
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking


To apply to the Technical University of Munich, you must first apply for a VPD through uni-assist (see Applying to Uni-Assist). The HZB is required for the application (see What is HZB?). Afterwards, applications are made through the school’s portal.

Technical University of Munich application deadlines:

  • Winter semester: June 01 – July 15
  • Summer semester December 1 – January 15

Since the undergraduate courses are taught in German, you need to have a German C1 proficiency for admission. The university does not have a language preparatory school. Conditional admission is not possible. You must prove your language proficiency with the following certificates at the time of application.


TestDAF ( 4,4,4,4)

Telc C1 Hohschule

IELTS 6.5 will be sufficient for master’s degree programs in English.

Check the relevant page of the university for more information.

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