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“Strong, flexible, ready for reform and cooperation” – this is how the University of Bremen describes itself. Around 23,000 people study, teach, research and work on the international campus. It is one of Germany’s and Europe’s leading research universities with around 100 diverse undergraduate/graduate programs. The university maintains close cooperation with non-university research institutions in the region and, as part of the “Research Alliance” established in 2016, conducts research on topics ranging from the depths of the seas to outer space in cooperation with many research institutions. The competence and dynamism of the university has also attracted many companies to the technology park around the campus, creating a nationwide innovation hub around the University of Bremen.

Started in 1971, the university is not only one of the leading universities in Germany, but also ranked as one of the top 500 universities in the world by international rating agencies (THE 2021 – 401-500). (THE 2021 – 401-500) Do not say the top 500, only two universities from our country can enter this ranking. (Çankaya Univ. and Koç Univ.) The University of Bremen is also 49th in the ranking of “The best young universities in the world”.

Universum – University of Bremen

Many years ago, when our son was in primary school, we had the opportunity to visit the university’s science center (Universum) during a trip to Bremen. Since our son was a science enthusiast, he was very interested in science and kept us captive for hours. It is an interesting science museum with a building that looks like a UFO that fell into the water. If only all curious children had the chance to see and visit it.


Date of foundation1971
Total Number of Students18.946
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)382,67 €
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking

Bremen University Applications

The application to the University of Bremen is made through uni-assist (see Applying to Uni-Assist), as is the case with many German universities. The University of Bremen requires a VPD (see What is a VPD?) for admission to undergraduate programs. After obtaining the VPD, you apply to the university. The application deadlines are as follows (check for changes due to the Covid-19 Pandemic)

University of Bremen application dates:

Winter semester: June 1 – July 15

Summer semester December 1 – January 15

Since the undergraduate courses are taught in German, you need to have a German C1 proficiency for admission. If your German is not good enough and you think you can only learn fast, you will be asked to attend Preparatory Courses and prove your C1 proficiency with an exam at the end. The University of Bremen does not have its own Preparatory School, but the Goethe Institut in Bremen may consider it sufficient to enroll in courses such as DAA, CASA, Aristoteles, VHS, Alerno. However, the TestAS exam (See: What is TestAS?) is compulsory for the Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Business Administration and Economics.

It is possible to get conditional acceptance from the university in this way. During this period when you are enrolled in the intensive language course, you also become a registered student of the university and you can benefit from all the facilities of the university (including dormitories).

Check the relevant page of the university for more information.

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