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University of Bayreuth

With more than 13,000 students, the University of Bayreuth is one of Germany’s smaller universities, but this is also an advantage: Overcrowded lecture halls, insufficient seminar space or missing books are not part of everyday university life. In addition to the many business and law students, health and sports economists, materials scientists, theater students, geoecologists and other exotic people (I use the adjective exotic because we don’t have such adjectives) hang out on the large campus. The university is particularly well known for its language center, which also offers courses in Bambara, Swahili and Indonesian.

The “Glashaus” is a popular meeting place for students: coffee and cake during the day, parties, movie nights and theater performances at night. Bayreuth’s cafeteria was famous for the choice it offered for a small fee.

Bayreuth University, which is clear proof that a university does not have to be centuries old to make a name for itself nationally and internationally, has proven itself first in Germany and then in the world with its innovative interdisciplinary research and teaching approach since its establishment in 1975.

The university is included in the 351-400 ranking group among approximately 1,500 universities worldwide evaluated in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2021. In addition, the University of Bayreuth is ranked 51st among the 414 best universities in the world under the age of 50.

You can find interesting interdisciplinary fields of study at the university, which offers a wide range of undergraduate programs.

The average age of the university students is low compared to Germany in general; with an average age of 21.6, it can be said that the university has a very young student body. The general subject distribution of the students is as follows: 1. Economics (33.8%) 2. Law (19.1%) 3. Natural sciences (13.2%) 4. Engineering sciences (5.8%). The average duration of undergraduate studies is 6.2 semesters. If you include the master’s degree, you should expect to study in Bayreuth for an average of 6.5 years.

Around 52.4 percent of those enrolled in Bayreuth have a job and are employed. The average wage is 8.7 euros per hour worked, which is lower than the German average of 9.7 euros. But this shouldn’t be a disadvantage because the cost of living is considerably lower than in other cities. You can read more about the city here.


Date of foundation1972
Total Number of Students13.070
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)109,60€
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking

Bayreuth University Applications

Bayreuth University requires a VPD from international applicants. (See What is VPD?) Once you have your VPD, you can apply to the university. Some programs require proof of knowledge of German at level C1 and some at level B2. The school does not have its own preparatory program and conditional admission is not possible. You can find more details here.

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