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University of Freiburg

With 560 years since its foundation, the university is not even in the top three in Germany (5th oldest university). Jokes aside, Freiburg Albert Ludwigs University is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Germany and the world. It started education only 4 years after the conquest of Istanbul. Located in the town of Freiburg im Breisgau at the crossroads of Germany, France and Switzerland, the school ranks 83rd in the “World University Rankings” (see University Rating Agencies and Their Importance).

The school in the state of Baden Württemberg (there are 3 classical universities in this state and all of them are very well-known schools) has made tuition fees with a decision taken by the state in 2018. In schools in this state, foreign students have to pay 1,500 euros per semester. (For the best schools in this state see: Germany university map)

University of Freiburg – Library

Albert Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg has made a name for itself especially in theology, medicine and law. But it does not only offer education in these fields. In recent years, thanks to the advantages of its location, it has also come to the fore with research in the fields of renewable energy (especially solar), biotechnology and forest industry. The university’s medical clinic is one of the largest medical centers in Germany. There is a lot of interdisciplinarity in the programs. For example, law students take economics courses, or the “Center for Basic Qualifications” offers many courses that students can count for credit (I looked at the list and there are many courses related to scientific and personal development, some of them in English. You can access the list here). .

As with all old universities in Germany, the school does not have a central campus. The faculties are scattered around the city (hence the logic of the semester ticket in Germany) and you have to commute between faculties for some courses. Although, since the city is small, it would make more sense to use a bicycle.


Date of foundation1457
Total Number of Students24.194
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)110€
Tuition Fee1.500€
Source CHE – Ranking

Freiburg University Applications

Applications to the University of Freiburg are submitted directly to the university’s online portal. A good command of German is the most important requirement for studying at the University of Freiburg. However, if you can present a certificate at level B2 at the time of application, you can apply to the preparatory school. If you have one of the following certificates, you can apply directly to the program:

TestDaF – at least 4 in each of the four parts of the exam

Goethe Certificate C2: Greater German Language Diploma (GDS) 

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule 

A diploma like Matura, GIB

Note: For the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Dentistry programs, you will also need to take the TestAS exam. In addition to these, you will also need to take an exam for admission to some departments. Check on the university website.

Some of the master’s programs will also require you to prove that you have a B2 level of English. Admission requirements may vary depending on the program you choose.

School website :

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