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University of Frankfurt

The university is located in Frankfurt Am Main, the largest city in the German state of Hesse, which we know as Frankfurt. The city is associated with the famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Hence the name of the school. It is a city that students will love with its great infrastructure. Frankfurt Johann Wolfgang Goethe University is the 4th largest university in Germany with 46,000 students. It offers around 170 programs in 16 faculties.

Founded in 1914, the university is spread over the campus areas of Bockenheim, Westend, Riedberg, Niederrad and Ginnheim. The university was founded with donations from Jewish businessmen. At the same time, Germany’s first independent faculty of natural sciences was founded here, labor law emerged here, the first sociology department and the first business administration department were opened, and pioneering work was carried out in the field of experimental brain research. With these pioneering features, in addition to the natural sciences (Quantum Physics was born here and won 19 Nobel Prizes), it is one of the leading universities in the field of finance and monetary policy all over the world due to the Frankfurt Financial Center, although not as well-known as the well-known finance schools in England.

In 2008, Frankfurt Goethe University, which was transformed back into a foundation university as it was in its foundation years, was within the scope of the German Cluster of Excellence support in the fields of macromolecular complexes, cardio-pulmonary system and the development of normative orders (There are 11 universities across Germany within this scope. Each of them conducts research in different areas with additional budget support). In these clusters, researchers are trying to improve the heart’s ability to regenerate after a heart attack or to analyze how new social orders are formed.

The university is ranked 311 in the QS Ranking and 250-300 in the Times Higher Education ranking (see University Rating Agencies and Their Importance).

University of Frankfurt

The school offers many libraries and reading rooms, which are very quiet and conducive to studying. (Libraries are very important at universities in Germany. Since the exam system is different from ours, the libraries are very busy during the pre-exam period. Most libraries are open until midnight) To enter the library you must have been issued a Goethe card (you can’t just waltz in). The university pays a lot of attention to appearances, displaying symbols of beauty and modern architecture that attract people from afar. The university has many buildings and the classrooms are quite spacious.


Date of foundation1914
Total Number of Students46.119
Semester Fee (includes public transportation ticket)370€ 
Tuition FeeFree
Source CHE – Ranking

Frankfurt University Applications

As with many German universities, applications to the University of Frankfurt are made via uni-assist (see Application to Uni-Assist). Proof of your university entrance qualification (HZB) is required (see What is HZB?). A good command of German is the most important requirement for studying at the University of Frankfurt. However, if you can present a B1 level certificate at the time of application, there is a preparatory school, but you have to take an exam for admission. If you have one of the following certificates, you can apply directly to the program:

TestDaF – at least 4 in each of the four parts of the exam (Exception: 5 in all for medicine and dentistry)

Goethe Certificate C2: Senior German Language Diploma (GDS) (minimum grade “gut” for Medicine and Dentistry).

German language diploma from the Kultusministerkonferenz Level II (DSD II) with C1 in all parts of the examination

German language test II from the Institute for Languages and Interpreting in Munich

telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule “befriedigend, gut or sehr gut”

Note: For Medicine and Dentistry programs, you will also need to take the TestAS exam.

For master’s programs, you may also be asked to prove your knowledge of English. Admission requirements may vary depending on the program you choose.

School website :

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