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Digital TestAS Preparation – Figure Sequences

Figure Sequences – Introduction

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Figure Sequence – Strategies for Exam

This question format, which we met with Digital TestAS, is likely to be the most difficult section due to time constraints. Some questions may be very simple but some will be really difficult to solve. I will try to give a few tips for analyzing these questions.

In the question, you will see a 4×4 matrix and between 1 and 4 shapes placed in the matrix. The shapes will form independent patterns by moving or changing shape according to certain rules. The critical point here is that each shape forms an independent pattern. In other words, it will be necessary to detect the pattern for each shape separately and eliminate the wrong options.

As such, increasing the number of shapes will cause the solution to take longer. In this sense, it is important to pass the initial questions quickly. The rules and examples for these question types are explained in detail on the official Testas website. You can access the relevant document here. Therefore, I will give you some tips to recognize the pattern at first glance or to quickly eliminate the wrong options.

  • Following the movement of a shape is the most time-consuming form of analysis, especially if there are many shapes: There are many different options for the movement of the shapes. For this reason, especially in matrices with 3 and 4 shapes, it will take a lot of time to follow this and the probability of erroneous detection is high. Resort to this method last if you cannot find the correct answer in any other way.
There are many ways the shape can move and it will take a lot of time to detect it. Consider it as a last option.
  • First focus on the color changes: If the shape changes color, focus on this pattern first. This is the easiest pattern to spot. The shape may be changing two or more colors. Starting from the first matrix, try to identify the color pattern and eliminate the wrong options that do not fit this pattern. Even if you don’t eliminate all incorrect options, your correct guessing rate can increase considerably in a limited time.
  • Patterns in rotating shapes can lead you to the right answer: If there are rotating shapes in the matrix, patterns can be detected more quickly than patterns of movement. And sometimes this may be the only analysis needed to solve the problem. You will understand if you look at the example below.

In the example above it is easy to notice that the pennant shape rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise at each step. Step 5 should have the same shape as step 1. In this case, it is immediately obvious that the third of the options for step 5 is incorrect. To find the correct answer here, focus on the difference between the first two options. As you can see at a glance, the different shape is a rhombus and the location is different. In this case, follow the movement of the rhombus from the beginning. You will notice that the shape moves counterclockwise along the edge. Then the point to be found in step 5 is given correctly in option 2. So the correct choice in step 5 is 2. In step 6, concentrate on shapes that are different from those described above.

I hope the above explanations will help you. Please share it for the benefit of others. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me at recep[at] e-mail address and my social media accounts. I wish you all a successful exam.

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