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Digital TestAS Preparation – Latin Squares

Latin Squares – Introductions

Latin Squares

In this task you will see a 5×5 table (a square with 5 rows and 5 columns). Some areas of the table contain letters. Each letter can appear only once in each row and each column. Only the letters shown as answer choices (row next to the table) can appear in the table.

Your task is to decide which letter belongs to the field with the question mark. Sometimes you may need to fill in the other fields in your mind before you figure out which letter should replace the question mark.

If you know what the correct solution is for the field with the question mark, click on the correct answer in the solution row.

After selecting the correct option with the mouse, you can check your answer with the button at the bottom. You can use the practice material an unlimited number of times and without time limit. If the answers you have selected are correct, they are marked in green. When you find the correct answer, you can continue the exercise with a new question using the Repeat button.

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Latin Square – Simple Tips for Solutions

Latin squares are a unique matrix of 5×5 squares, each square containing one of the letters A,B,C,D,E and a letter can only appear once in a row or column. In the question, some letters are placed and you are expected to find the letter in the square marked with the question mark. 

The obvious way to solve a latin square puzzle is to find the correct letters to go in the squares. But the best way to start is the opposite – finding the squares where the letters can come from. This is a technique called ‘cross-hatching’ that takes just a few minutes to learn.

Latin Square example

In cross-scanning, it is important to start with the row or column that is easiest to solve. In this example, the first column seems appropriate. In this column, we should focus not on which letter can go in the empty squares, but on which cannot. We can see that square 4 cannot be D. So the letter D should be in the only option, square 2. We realize that there is only one letter left in the column, A. 

We start with the row or column that is easiest to solve first.

The last column is now the easiest to solve. In the last column, the 4th square cannot be A, so the letter A must appear in the 2nd square.

Now if you look at column 4, there is only square 1 left which could be A.

Now, if we look at line 1 for the actual solution, since square 2 cannot be C, square 3 must be C. The correct answer is the letter C.

I hope the above explanations will help you. Please share it for the benefit of others. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me at recep[at] e-mail address and my social media accounts. I wish you all a successful exam.

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