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You may have noticed that you can’t find many resources for TestAs test preparation. Even if you haven’t realized it yet, you will find this to be the case when you do your research. Information about the general structure of the exam can be found in ” What is TestAS? What does it do? ” I wrote in my article.

TestAS Preparation Resources

When you search the internet, you will see some books that you will come across immediately. These preparation books, which are offered for sale on Amazon, are the only quickly accessible resource that students who have been trying to prepare for this exam for many years have acquired. Due to the illegal sharing of copies of the books on social communication platforms and photocopy centers, the publisher tries to protect its product commercially by releasing a new copy every year. Although it is said that the content has been updated over the years, I did not see any changes with the old editions. However, it can be recommended as a starting point. As you can appreciate, I cannot provide links or addresses, but with a little research you can find people or websites that have acquired these books in the past years.

Unfortunately, I cannot give very good comments about the content of the books. Based on the comments of past participants (one of them is my son: he took TestAs 3 times), I can say that the content is easier to prepare than the exam content. Of course, there are resources you can use to see the types of questions you will face in the exam and gain experience. However, do not think that the exam is easy by looking at the questions in the books. 

Apart from this, you will not find any other accessible source. It is possible to reach the websites of various institutions that specialize in this subject and offer preparation courses, but unfortunately, there is no institution that can provide training on this subject in many countries. While researching, you may witness some private tutors claiming that they offer TestAS preparation courses. However, my advice would be “do not make a decision before seeing the question banks”. Because almost all of them will try to teach you through the books I mentioned above, which you can also buy online. 

I can easily talk about this as I went through similar processes in my son’s medical education journey in Germany. After the knowledge we gained throughout the process and multiple exam experiences, I decided to coach my son myself. In this process, I did a lot of research and examined many exams and question types from different countries and institutions around the world. As a result of the preparatory work we did together in his last exam, he reached the scores he wanted and had the chance to be accepted from many schools in line with his goal. Afterwards, I started working on presenting the question bank I created to work together during this period as a book. I am finally able to publish a part of it. You can access my book, which includes all subtests for the Core Test and consists entirely of solved questions, on Amazon.

Which Sections are More Difficult in the TestAs Exam?

If you have researched the exam, you should know that it consists of a “Core Test” and a “Module Test”. The core test is more similar to psychometric recruitment tests. In other words, it measures quick thinking, analysis and visual intelligence skills. This test consists of 4 sections and except for one section, it is in a structure where people with average intelligence levels can easily get an average score. 

It is the common feedback of all participants that the most difficult section in the Core Test is “Completing Patterns”. The lowest scores are obtained from this section. Due to time constraints, most of the participants stated that they did not have time to read all the questions. The most effort should be spent on this section in the preparatory work.

Another difficult section for the Core Test is “Quantitative Problems”. If you do not have a good command of the language you are taking the test in (English or German), and if you do not have good basic math skills, it may be difficult to answer all the questions due to time constraints.

In the Module Test Section, if you have a goal such as Medicine or Dentistry, you will need to take the “Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module”. In this test, the “Understanding Formal Depictions” section emerges as the most difficult and low-scoring section for students. This test, which consists of questions that are not included in the high school curriculum and which are not difficult to solve once the basic logic is grasped, is the most difficult part for the students taking the test.

For the Engineering test, the “Visualising Solids” test is again the most difficult test as it is not adequately covered in the high school curricula of most countries. 

The Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences Test is more focused on language skills and candidates with good language skills can easily score high.

The Economics Module Test consists mainly of a test on understanding graphs and a “Analysing Processes” test. The “Analysing Processes” test is the most difficult part of the test, as in the “Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module”.

How to Prepare for TestAs?

Core Test

Quantitative Problems : For the first part of the core test, I recommend solving more problems in arithmetic – percentages, ratios (true and inverse), equations, permutation, combination and geometry. Your knowledge of math will be your guide here, but know that the questions will be challenging and time-consuming. Although the time may seem long, you will not be able to complete all of them. University preparation problems can be a guide for you.

Inferring Relations : It will be a section that you can easily pass with plenty of practice. Provided that you have no problems with language, the relationships between words are not very complex and can be easily answered. You should practice a lot. Many examples of psychometric tests prepared for this purpose can be easily found on the internet. Click for tips on this section.

Completing Patterns : You can find examples in the IQ tests you will search on the internet. After learning the basic rules, you should try to solve the shape patterns by applying the rules. My basic suggestion here is to “practice as much as possible”. Since this is the most difficult section of the exam, even one more correct answer from this section will put you ahead of many candidates. Click for tips on this section.

Continuing Numerical Series : Again, it is important to solve many sample questions for the questions in this section as it will enable you to react faster to possible pattern rules. “Lots of practice” is the most basic preparation method for this type of test.

Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module

Analyzing Scientific Relationships : You do not need very detailed knowledge and solution techniques to prepare for this part of the exam. Basic knowledge is enough. Focus more on analyzing scientific data. You will mostly encounter questions about understanding scientific graphs and tables and analyzing graphs. So my advice is to learn how to analyze scientific graphs first and then learn scientific theory (you will need it in your university education anyway). Click here for more detailed information and examples.

Understanding Formal Depictions : If you have experience or interest in computer programming, you can learn the subject by solving a lot of questions, even if you have never been interested in this subject before. I can recommend you to read books on introduction to computer programming and algorithms. It is not very possible to find sample questions similar to exam questions. The examples in the book mentioned above may help you to some extent. Click for more detailed information and examples.

Engineering Module

Although the focus of my research is on medical faculties, let me give you an idea since it is a module test of secondary importance for students:

In fact, I can say that the test is focused on basic and advanced physics. You need to know basic physics concepts and be a good physics student. If you are familiar with the high school physics curriculum, you will not encounter any problems. Since physics is my special interest, I was interested in this test and I analyzed the questions. Your interest in high school physics courses is one of the most important factors that will affect your success here. If your approach to physics problems consists of memorizing and applying formulas, don’t dream of succeeding in the exam. It is necessary to solve the logic of physics and understand the relationships well. If you think you are lacking in this area, start from the basics.

The subject that will be unfamiliar to you in the engineering test will be “Visualization of Solids”. Unfortunately, we do not have “Space Geometry” as an elective subject in the German high school curriculum. Therefore, you need to understand the basic concepts of the subject, practice a lot and use your intelligence to solve the questions.

Economics Module

Again, although it is not my focus, if I need to give an idea for preparation; I can say that you should study a lot of graph analysis. Most of the questions will be about understanding and analyzing graphs. You can look at examples of questions on analyzing tables, bar or slice representations. Apart from that, what I wrote above about flow charts is valid.

Humanities, Cultural Studies and Social Sciences Module

You will rely on your language skills for this test. Think of it as a foreign language equivalent of the Turkish questions in university exams.

If you need strategies for TestAS preparation, you can read my articles “Strategies for Preparing for TestAS”, “How Much and What Kind of Practice Should I Do?”.

Dijital TestAS

Since the Digital TestAS was introduced in 2022 and I have not received enough feedback on it, I will not be able to assess the difficulty of the test. However, I make inferences based on the examples provided by TestAS on its website.

I can recommend a lot of practice for this test, which I think will be difficult for some due to the fact that it is a computer-based test and there is no use of paper. For this purpose, especially the “Sequences of Figures” and “Latin Squares” tests are the types of questions that are easier for those who like solving puzzles. However, it is important to keep in mind that the test time is shorter than it should be and some questions will require a long time. I am designing infinite review tests for you to practice. On this site you will find tests that I will post on a daily basis.

Do I Need Tutoring for TestAs?

This option is not for everyone, but it may be an option, especially for those who do not understand the logic of the questions or are slow in solving them. In some countries, there are educational institutions for preparation for TestAS exams. Some German universities even offer paid tuition for preparation.

For some, getting help can make it easier.

I think these preparatory studies, which are usually done in the form of 1-month programs, are also sufficient. For one-to-one studies, I think a total of 4 to 8 days of work of 2 hours each is sufficient, depending on the student’s situation and the completion of the tasks given during the process. 

If you think you need a coach for TestAS preparation. Please contact me. I have been researching and working for several years to create a pool of questions. As you can imagine, this is a very time-consuming process and requires a lot of effort. I have supported a few students whose focus is to study medicine in Germany. However, due to my professional life, I am only able to provide this service in a very limited time frame and to a very limited number of people. Although I cannot help you myself, I may be able to direct you to other solutions. If you want to prepare yourself, please also read my articles in the “Preparation” and “Strategy” categories.

I hope the above explanations will help you. Please share, your suggestions are valuable to me. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me at recep[at] e-mail address and my social media accounts. I wish you all a successful exam.

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